New For SIGGRAPH 2007

Submission Procedure

Like last year, we will follow a two-part submission process. Authors must complete a Papers Submission Form, which includes an abstract, by 23 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time. The paper and all supplemental materials are due the following day, 24 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time. After the first deadline, access to the system will be restricted to papers with valid online submission forms and IDs. Both deadlines will be strictly enforced. Submissions that are in progress when the deadline passes, even if it's because our server has slowed down due to high load, will not be accepted, so plan ahead!

This year, we are completing the move to an electronic-only review process. Supplemental materials (videos, holograms, etc.) may be submitted in electronic or physical form, but papers must be submitted as PDF files. Supplemental physical materials must arrive before the second deadline (see above) at this address:

Marc Levoy
SIGGRAPH 2007 Papers Chair
c/o Talley Management Group, Inc.
19 Mantua Road
Mt. Royal, New Jersey 08061 USA

For SIGGRAPH 2007, we will essentially retain the process established in recent years. Authors are no longer required to categorize their submissions explicitly as research, system, or process papers.

Review Process

As in previous years, papers that violate our policies on co-submitted or previously published papers, or that are clearly outside the scope of our Call for Participation, will be rejected without review. For more details, see the Policy on Previous Publication and the Double Submissions section of the Frequently Asked Questions.

All other papers will be given five reviews: by a primary reviewer, a secondary reviewer, and three tertiary reviewers. The primary and secondary reviewers are collectively called senior reviewers and are members of the Papers Committee. The review process runs from the submission deadline until 16 March 2007. At that point, all reviews will be made available online to authors, and notification will be sent to them by email. Authors then have four days (19-22 March) to craft a rebuttal to factual errors in the reviews and to answer specific questions posed by reviewers. New this year, rebuttals will be read by all five reviewers, not only by the primary and secondary reviewers. Also new this year is a system of Area Coordinators, whose job it is to ensure fairness and consistency in the review process. These coordinators also help the Papers Chair and Papers Advisory Board during the initial "papers sort", in which papers are assigned to primary and secondary reviewers. For more details, see the Rebuttal Process section of Frequently Asked Questions.

As in past years, the entire Papers Committee (about 50 people) will meet in person to decide which papers to accept. This year, the meeting will be held at Stanford University, 30-31 March 2007. At the conclusion of this meeting, papers will be classified in one of three ways:

1. Rejected.

2. Conditionally accepted for presentation at SIGGRAPH 2007, possibly pending minor revisions. These papers will be ratified for final acceptance by completion of a full journal review process. The proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2007 will continue to be published as a special issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics.

3. Conditionally accepted for publication in ACM Transactions on Graphics, pending major revisions. At the authors' discretion, these papers will complete a full journal review process before final acceptance for publication in a regular issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics.

One final change relative to previous years is that, in response to the constructive feedback we received during the town hall meeting at SIGGRAPH 2006, we have decided to make public the membership of the Papers Committee before the review process begins. See Review Process for details.