Detailed Instructions and Checklist

Online Submission System

General Information

1. Submissions will be administratively rejected without review if it is found that:
a. The submission violates the ACM Policy and Procedures on Plagiarism.

b. The submission is a dual submission; that is, if the submission is simultaneously under review for any other conference or publication. For more details see the Policy on Previous Publication and the Double Submissions section of the Frequently Asked Questions.

c. Electronic files have been submitted that have been designed to have side effects other than presenting the submitted work to reviewers and committee members (for example, a "phone home" script).
2. All fields on the submission form except for the paper length and the final file upload must be completed by 23 January 2007. Completing the submission form will assign your submission a paper_ID. A paper_ID is required for each submission. NO PAPER_IDs WILL BE ISSUED after 23 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time.

(The submission form gives a deadline of 24 January for these fields, not 23 January as given here. We apologize for the inconsistency. We strongly suggest that you complete these parts of the form by 23 January. We will allow changes until 24 January. However, no paper IDs will be issued after 23 January, as stated above.)

3. See Formats and the Other Questions About Submissions section of Frequently Asked Questions for information on preparing documents and supplemental materials (including information on anonymity, length, etc.). See the Deadlines section of Frequently Asked Questions for more details about submission deadlines.

Information for Submission of Papers and Electronic Supplemental Materials

1. As stated above, all fields on the online submission form must be completed by 23 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time.

2. You must upload a PDF file of your paper and all supplemental files by 24 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time. If you find that uploading is slow and you are concerned about meeting the deadline, you may first upload an MD5 checksums for your files (by 24 January, 5 pm Eastern time) and then upload the files that match this checksum by 25 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time. Uploads that are in progress at the moment of the 24 January or 25 January deadlines are considered to have not been uploaded on time. Papers or materials emailed to the Papers Chair or Papers Advisory committee are not considered to have been submitted; you must use the online submission system.

English Review Service

Non-native English speakers may use the English Review Service to help with the text of submissions. Please note that this takes time, so your submission should be sent to the English Review Service well before the final Papers deadline.

Why is the abstract due early?

Having all papers entered in the system a day early helps us manage the load on the submission server. This will ensure that everyone will apply for a paper_id and enter their abstracts before the final day of submissions, when server response will be diminished due to heavy traffic.

What is the deal with MD5 checksums?

If you upload all of your files by 24 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time, you can ignore the MD5 checksum. The system will, however, compute and report the MD5 checksum for any file you upload, once the uploaded file has been completely received by the submissions server. You may find this useful if you want to check that your file has been uploaded without corruption. Just compare the MD5 checksum you compute for your file with the checksum computed by the submission system.

If you are uploading in the last couple of days of submissions, server response may be slow. To be sure of making the deadline, you may initially upload just the MD5 checksum for your files. If the MD5 checksum is received by 24 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time, you will have 24 hours to complete the upload of files that have a matching MD5 checksum, i.e. you will have until 25 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time, to upload files for which MD5 checksums have been entered.

Information for Physical Submission of Supplemental Materials

1. As stated above, all fields on the online submission form must be completed by 23 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time.

2. Six copies of your physical supplemental materials, must ARRIVE by (not be postmarked or sent by) 24 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time at this address:
Marc Levoy
SIGGRAPH 2007 Papers Chair
c/o Talley Management Group, Inc.
19 Mantua Road
Mt. Royal, New Jersey 08061 USA
Please note that papers must be submitted electronically as PDF files, even if they are also submitted physically. Also note that all deadlines are firm and plan accordingly. Faxed or emailed submission materials will not be accepted. Late submission materials will be returned unopened to the sender.

All complete submissions received by the deadline will be acknowledged by email.