Panels are a unique part of the annual SIGGRAPH conference because they provide the opportunity to see and respond to viewpoints from outside the core SIGGRAPH community. A successful panel will be sufficiently novel that it generates discussion between the audience and the panel in the forum itself and among the audience members long afterward.

Each panel session will feature three or four panelists who present their views of the topic, a moderator who presents the panelists with questions, and an audience that provides additional questions from the floor.

In 2007, our focus will be on topics that are outside of those traditionally covered at the annual SIGGRAPH conference but that have sufficient overlap with the interests of attendees to generate discussion. For example, we are considering panels on humanoid robotics, brain/machine interfaces, fMRI studies of the perception of human motion, and the Uncanny Valley.

In 2007, panels will be curated. We welcome your suggestions of topics and speakers via email to the Panels Co-Chairs.

Prior to the conference, we'll ask for questions on each topic. Those questions will be vetted by the moderator and asked of the panelists during the panel. Additional questions will come from the audience during the panel itself.

Jessica K. Hodgins
SIGGRAPH 2007 Panels Co-Chair
Carnegie Mellon University

Jerome Solomon
SIGGRAPH 2007 Panels Co-Chair
Industrial Light & Magic