IP Marketplace

The SIGGRAPH community includes people who generate intellectual property (IP) and people who commercialize it. The former are typically academic and industrial researchers; the latter are employees of the big and small companies that comprise the CG/HCI industry. Unless both parties work for the same entity, there is currently no good mechanism to connect those who develop or own IP (patents, blueprints, software, circuits, trademarks, copyrighted material, technical know-how, etc.) with those who want to exploit it commercially. IP Marketplace is an experimental program that will provide such a mechanism for the SIGGRAPH community.

IP Marketplace is a listing service for IP. For a nominal fee, inventors and owners of patents, software libraries, circuit cores, etc. can list them for sale or license. The IP listings will be made available via the web. In addition, IP listings will be presented in poster format at SIGGRAPH 2007. Potential buyers can peruse the listings and then contact sellers in person at the conference to discuss purchase or licensing. The details of each deal will be decided solely by the buyer and seller.

Our hope is that IP Marketplace will facilitate inventors and entrepreneurs working together to develop new CG/HCI products and services. What you see in IP Marketplace at SIGGRAPH 2007 may be featured in the SIGGRAPH Exhibition in the near future! We look forward to receiving your listings and your comments.

Click here to upload or browse patents in the SIGGRAPH 2007 IP Marketplace:

Mk Haley
SIGGRAPH 2007 IP Marketplace Chair
Disney-ABC Digital Media

Patricia Beckmann-Wells
SIGGRAPH 2007 IP Marketplace Associate Chair
DreamWorks Animation SKG

Bill Kovacs (1949-2006)
SIGGRAPH 2007 IP Marketplace Co-Chair