New for SIGGRAPH 2007

There are several significant changes to the Emerging Technologies program for SIGGRAPH 2007:

Submission Deadline

This year, the submission deadline is 17 January 2007, 5 pm Eastern time.

Interactive Art Submissions

Last year, interactive art could be submitted to either the Art Gallery or to Emerging Technologies. This year these proposals should all be submitted to the Art Gallery.

Display Technologies

Emerging Technologies is encouraging submission of new display technologies such as digital paper, flexible displays, HMDs, and especially technology we don't already know about.

Curated Content

This year, we will be increasing the emphasis on curated content in order to highlight areas such as sensor and video technology, robotics, and display technology. Your suggestions for curated content, based on your own work or that of others, are welcome. Please send them to the Emerging Technologies Co-Chairs.

Presenter Recognition

The ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Advisory Group has approved significant changes in how the conference recognizes those who present their work at the annual conference. For complete information, see the Presenter Recognition Policy.

Support for Emerging Technologies Presenters

Staffing a demo in Emerging Technologies is a significant burden. In order to ease this burden, we are establishing a pool of select Student Volunteers who will be available at SIGGRAPH 2007 to help presenters with their exhibits throughout the conference. Presenters will be able to apply for this support after their proposals are accepted.

Change in Reviewing Procedures

We have made several significant changes in the reviewing procedures for this year. Be sure to read Review and Upon Acceptance carefully before submitting your work.

Video Requirement

This year, all submissions must include video in an approved format. See Submission Rules and Requirements. Incomplete submissions will be automatically rejected without review.

Please carefully read Submission Rules and Requirements for detailed submission information and Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common submission questions.