Emerging Technologies

Technology is changing both the world in which we live and the way in which we live in the world. Yesterday's technical innovations are already a part of today's world in so many ways we take for granted. Today's technological innovations will change the way we work, live, and play tomorrow and in the future, often in unexpected ways, and SIGGRAPH 2007 Emerging Technologies is the place to experience them!

Have you developed a novel technology that could revolutionize the way we work, play or live? Have you taken an existing technology and used it in a way that no one has before? Can you imagine your technology being used to change the world in the next three, five, or even 10 years? Do you have an invention, prototype, or other interactive system that someone can experience in a hands-on interactive exhibition? If so, Emerging Technologies is a perfect place for you to exhibit and share your latest creative research. Whether your technology is for individual or group use, or your focus is on the young or old, whether you provide novel methods for interacting with an application, or for communicating its results, whether your technology is smaller than a silicon chip or bigger than a Jumbotron, we invite you to share your projects with SIGGRAPH 2007 attendees.

Emerging Technologies seeks creative and innovative technologies and applications in many fields, including displays, robotics, input devices, interaction techniques, computer vision, sensors, audio, speech, biometrics, wearable computing, information, data and scientific visualization, biotechnology, graphics, collaborative environments, and design, and in several domains, including medicine, music, entertainment, education, home, business, aerospace, communication, transportation, security, military, and technologies for the aging and/or disabled.

And anything else you can imagine.

In addition to installing actual works, all Emerging Technologies contributors will be required to prepare a four-page abstract detailing their installation and research, which will be made available to SIGGRAPH 2007 attendees.

Submitters to Emerging Technologies are highly encouraged to also submit Sketches. This is a perfect forum to speak about your technology (concepts, techniques, innovations, the next level of your technology, etc.).

There are several significant changes in Emerging Technologies this year, so be sure to review New for SIGGRAPH 2007.

Kathy Ryall
SIGGRAPH 2007 Emerging Technologies Co-Chair
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)

John Sibert
SIGGRAPH 2007 Emerging Technologies Co-Chair
The George Washington University