New for SIGGRAPH 2007

Earlier Deadline

The deadline is earlier than it has been in recent years!

5 pm Pacific time, 7 December 2006

This will allow the committee to spend more time selecting the jury and reviewing the submissions, and it will reduce conflicts with the deadline for other SIGGRAPH 2007 programs.

Presenter Recognition

The ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Advisory Group has approved significant changes in how the conference recognizes those who present their work at the annual conference. For complete information, see the Presenter Recognition Policy.


Some content will be curated in an attempt to balance out the program and make it as attractive as possible for SIGGRAPH 2007 attendees. As the curated courses are finalized, they will be posted to the web site.

Spotlight Courses

The SIGGRAPH 2007 Courses program is spotlighting courses that bring together presenters from different communities, such as academia and industry, art and technology, theory and practice, research and development, etc. A spotlight course might pair graphics researchers with practitioners in industry, or even multiple industries, discussing both perspectives and any gaps that might exist between them.

A course from SIGGRAPH 2006 that would fit the 2007 spotlight critiera is High-Dynamic-Range Imaging: Theory and Applications. It has speakers from academia, hardware companies, the games industry, and the film industry. If a reduced format of a spotlight course is proposed, we encourage preserving the greatest possible speaker diversity in the shortened version.