Information for Course Organizers

As course organizer, you will need to work closely with SIGGRAPH Administration and the Courses Committee to ensure a successful experience for all presenters at SIGGRAPH 2007 in San Diego this summer.

Important Deadline

30 April: Completion of course notes, submission of final syllabus, assignment of SIGGRAPH Contributor Recognition Travel to presenters.

Please take a few moments to review the instructions below regarding several important steps that must be completed in order for your course to presented and the process by which you will be registering for the conference.

Upon Acceptance

As soon as possible, please log into the online submission system and click on the Upon Acceptance link for your course proposal. This will take you to a list of items that need to be completed in order for you to participate in SIGGRAPH 2007, including the Acceptance Agreement and Shipping/Insurance forms.

Acceptance Agreement

If you have not done so already, your signed Acceptance Agreement must be faxed to +1.609.482.8382. This agreement verifies that you have the right to present your course at SIGGRAPH 2007 and allows you to grant or deny distribution and promotional rights for the material. If you do not provide a completed, signed agreement, you will not be able to participate in SIGGRAPH 2007. IMPORTANT: Every person who is participating in a Course presentation must submit a signed acceptance agreement (not just the course organizer). The organizer can find their acceptance agreement by logging into the electronic submission system and clicking on the Upon Acceptance link for the submission.

Other lecturers must follow the instructions below to create permissions and download an Acceptance Agreement.

Go to: Courses Permission Form

1. Log in using your Esub UserID and Password (if you do not have an account, click on the Set Up Your Account link and complete all required fields; click SUBMIT).

2. Fill in the correct course online_ID in the text box ("courses_xxxx," for example; please get the actual number from your course organizer) and use the drop-down boxes to make your selections regarding your right to show the work and your permissions for distribution and use of the material. Click NEXT when you are finished.

3. On the "Successful Submission" page, click CONTINUE.

4. You will end up back on your mySig page.

5. Look under Your Submissions and click the Upon Acceptance link for the course you created permissions for (courses_xxxx).

6. On the next page, click on the Acceptance Agreement link.

7. Print and sign the form on the signature line at lower left corner.

8. Fax form to: +1.609.482.8382

Note: Signed Acceptance Agreement Forms must be received from ALL course presenters in order for course material to be published. All edits and updates need to be coordinated through Laurie Schall, Program Manager, who can be reached at +1.856.423.3195.

Shipping and Insurance Forms

If you have a package or other items that need to be shipped to SIGGRAPH 2007, please contact the Conference Management Office to obtain additional information.

Insurance forms must be completed and submitted no later than 22 June 2007. Insurance forms must be completed and submitted in order for your equipment to be insured while at the San Diego Convention Center. If you do not submit a completed insurance form, your equipment will NOT be insured against loss, theft, or damage while at the convention center. Please note that, unfortunately, laptops can not be insured by SIGGRAPH.

Contributor Recognition

As in the past, your accepted submission entitles you to a 100 % discount off the conference registration fee for up to four presenters (depending on the accepted length of your course). NEW THIS YEAR: you will be responsible for registering yourselves online. Shortly after contributor online registration becomes available, course organizers will receive an email that includes access codes and instructions for conference registration, and you will need to distribute this information to the other presenters of your submission. Please note the following:

Each access code can be used only once.

If one of your presenters cannot attend the conference, the discount code may only be used by a collaborator whose name is being published in the conference proceedings. Codes may not be used by friends, relatives, or colleagues who are not recognized (published) contributors to the accepted submission.

Contributor Recognition Travel

This information must be filled in through the online submission system using the Edit link by 30 April.

Course Notes

A PDF file of your final Course Notes, as well as any supplementary material, should be emailed to Stephen Spencer, or made available online and the URL sent to him. (He is open to other solutions; you can email him to discuss.) Information on preparing and delivering material for Course Notes can be found here. Note that although the Course Notes should include the Final Syllabus with timeline, this information also needs to be submitted separately as detailed below.

Final Syllabus

This information must be filled in through the online submission system using the Edit link for your course by 30 April. For your convenience, this box on the form has been pre-populated from the preliminary syllabus you proposed in your original application. Please edit to reflect your Final Syllabus, which must show when each subsection of the course will begin. Note that break times are fixed. A sample Final Syllabus is available as an example.

Once again, congratulations on your acceptance! We look forward to seeing you in San Diego. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your acceptance or the instructions above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sara McMains and Peter-Pike Sloan
SIGGRAPH 2007 Courses Co-Chairs