Review and Upon Acceptance

Jury Review Process

Submitted work is considered by a jury of experts from a broad range of disciplines in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Additionally, the Computer Animation Festival chair has curatorial responsibility and discretion to select, organize, and direct the review process, and to ensure the quality of every aspect of the Computer Animation Festival.

All submissions are juried together, and there are no strict rules for acceptance. The jury primarily looks for a combination of innovation and excellence. A longer list of traits the jury typically looks for includes originality, artistic achievement, technical accomplishment, technical innovation, production value, creativity, resolution, narrative quality, design, entertainment value, and advancement of visualization in the artistic and scientific fields of digital technologies.

Electronic Theater or Animation Theaters

The Computer Animation Festival has two venues: the Electronic Theater features evening and matinée showings at the San Diego Civic Theater, and the Animation Theater comprises two 400-seat screening rooms at the San Diego Convention Center, where work is shown throughout the week. While the Electronic Theater selections are generally the "best of the best" of the show, the limited running time of the Electronic Theater dictates that the majority of the selected pieces will be presented in the Animation Theaters. Other factors such as the balance of categories, exceptionally long entries, and the large-venue nature of the Electronic Theater also affect where pieces are presented.

There is no fixed or ideal time limit for submitted pieces, and exceptional work will not be rejected because of its duration. Ultimately, innovation and excellence are the deciding factors.

If Your Piece is Accepted:
You will receive notification soon after the jury meeting. The deadline for final accepted material is 25 April 2007, 5 pm Pacific time. You must provide final versions of your entries as described below.

We will generate an Acceptance Agreement from the Permissions section of your submission form. You must print that agreement, sign it, and fax it or send it via postal or courier service to arrive along with your final submitted material. If we do not receive your completed, signed Acceptance Agreement, your work cannot be presented at SIGGRAPH 2007.

The acceptance agreement is a legal document. It explains the uses SIGGRAPH makes of presented material and requires you to acknowledge that you have permission to use this material. This may involve seeking clearance from your employer or from others who have loaned you material. The agreement helps prevent situations whereby SIGGRAPH 2007 presentations include material without permission that might lead to complaints or even legal action. In addition, this agreement asks if ACM SIGGRAPH may use your materials for conference and organization promotional material in exchange for full author/artist credit information (which you may decline).

Complete contributor listings and a representative digital image from the animation will be documented in the printed SIGGRAPH 2007 Electronic Art and Animation Catalog and the SIGGRAPH 2007 Full Conference DVD-ROM.

If your final version differs significantly from the jury-accepted version, it will not necessarily be included in the festival. Titles and closing credits must be no longer than seven seconds combined or 10 percent of the total running time of your piece, whichever is shorter.

Images of accepted Computer Animation Festival work will be published first on the SIGGRAPH 2007 web site, in late April. All work in the Computer Animation Festival will be documented in the SIGGRAPH 2007 Electronic Art and Animation Catalog and the Full Conference DVD-ROM and will have the opportunity to appear on the SIGGRAPH Video Review DVD. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, check the necessary permissions on your online submission form.

Presenter Recognition

Information on how SIGGRAPH 2007 will support your participation if your work is accepted.

Final Submission Formats

Files for accepted films should be delivered to the Computer Animation Festival Chair on an external hard drive or a set of DVD-ROMs. You should deliver your numbered, progressive-scan frames in either TIF or TGA format (for example, filmname#####.TIF) and your stereo audio in either AIFF or WAV format. Frames should be at the highest resolution available up to the full 4K resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels; other preferred resolutions are 1920 x 1080 pixels and 1280 x 720 pixels; standard definition resolutions of 768 x 576, 720 x 576 pixels, 720 x 480 pixels, and 640 x 480 pixels are acceptable but not preferred. Deliver the frames in the native aspect ratio of your film (avoid letter-boxing or pillar-boxing) and clearly indicate the frame-aspect ratio and pixel-aspect ratio in your README file (we want to show your piece exactly as you envisioned it). Do not submit interlaced frames or frames with 3:2 pulldown.

Indicate the frame rate of your piece in your README file. Supported frame rates are 30fps, 29.97fps, 24fps, and 23.976fps (also called 23.98fps). 25fps material will be played back at 24fps at the festival, with the audio correspondingly time-stretched.

On the same media, include your stereo audio file as an uncompressed .WAV or .AIFF file. Supported sample rates are 44.1kHz and 48kHz. Include a clear audio synchronization cue (such as a "2-pop") both at the beginning and end of your audio file and video frame sequence. Indicate the sample rate of your audio in your README.txt file.

Real-time material accepted to the festival may have the option of being screened directly from a real-time system console; however, a high-resolution pre-rendered version of the material must also be provided in the manner described above.

There are no provisions for celluloid film or videotape presentation at the SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival.

Please include a README.txt file with your digital image frames with the information requested above and any special instructions or information.

Hard drives and DVD-ROMs will not be returned by mail; they may be picked up at the SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival office at the San Diego Convention Center during the conference.

If you have any questions regarding jury or final submission formats and/or codecs, please contact the Computer Animation Festival Technology Director.


You are responsible for securing the necessary permissions and licenses for visual and audio material contained in entries for the SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival. While you are encouraged to use original music, pre-recorded music or covers can be used if the required licenses are obtained.

Synchronization licenses must be secured for inclusion of copyrighted musical compositions in film or video presentations. Securing synchronization rights involves approvals from both the music publisher and the record label that owns the original master recording. This process is sometimes straightforward, sometimes difficult, and sometimes, often for well-known popular recording artists, impossible. In the past, submitters of accepted pieces have had to withdraw their films from the festival due to music licensing issues. Other submitters have had to replace their music tracks with a licensable version in a way that compromised the impact of their work. For these reasons, all submitters are encouraged to secure music rights for their film as early as possible in the production. For more information on music licensing, and to find the necessary contacts for the recording you would like to use, see the ASCAP and BMI web sites:




Beginning with SIGGRAPH 99, The Computer Animation Festival jury has given awards to one or more selected works of particular distinction. The number and title of these awards are entirely at the discretion of each year's jury. Awards given to date are:

"Bunny" - Best of Show
"Masks" - Jury Award

"Onimusha: Opening Movie of PS2" - Best of Show
"Stationen Fachhochschule Hannover" - Jury Honors Award

"Values" - Best Animated Short
"F8" - Jury Honors Award

"The Cathedral" - Best Animated Short
"The Deserter" - Jury Award

"Eternal Gaze" - Best Animated Short
"Tim Tom" - Jury Honors

"Birthday Boy" - Best Animated Short
"Ryan" - Jury Honors

"9" - Best of Show
"Fallen Art" - Jury Honors "La Migration Bigoudenn" - Jury Honors

"One Rat Short" - Best of Show
"458nm" - Special Jury Honors

Since 1999, the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival has been recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a qualifying festival for the "Best Animated Short" Academy Award. A piece that receives a "Best of Show" or "Best of Category" award in the Computer Animation Festival is automatically qualified for such consideration if it also meets additional Academy requirements. Several SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival award winners have subsequently been nominated for or have received an Academy Award.
Details, including information on additional Academy requirements and other ways to qualify for Academy consideration, are available here.