New for SIGGRAPH 2007

Electronic Submission

Following its successful introduction in 2006, the Computer Animation Festival is accepting and strongly encouraging online submissions through electronic upload. This process eliminates the expense of mailing physical media and allows the committee to efficiently receive, catalog, and jury the hundreds of submitted animations. Online submissions must be encoded with acceptable video and audio codecs; see Submission Rules and Requirements for details.

No Submissions on VHS

Due to low image quality and physical size, VHS videotape is not available as a submission format for the SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival, nor is any other videotape format.

CD-ROM Submission if Necessary, but No DVDs

Submitters who do not have broadband network access may send digital movie files on CD-ROM. If you chooose this submission method, your CD-ROM must be received by the program chair no later than the electronic-upload deadline. Movie files on CD-ROM must be in the same video and audio codecs required for electronic upload. The CD-ROM format is sufficient for the 500 MB file size limit and (unlike DVD-ROM or DVD-Video) offers maximum compatibility between computer systems.

4K and HD Projection

The Computer Animation Festival is working with Sony Electronics' SXRD Systems group to provide 4K projection at the SIGGRAPH 2007 Electronic Theater. This means that HD content will not only look its best, but accepted pieces can be rendered and screened at a native 4K resolution of 4096 by 2160 pixels, 24fps. The Computer Animation Festival is also working to provide HD screening capabilities in both of the Animation Theater screening rooms, making this the highest resolution Computer Animation Festival to date.

Submission Categories for 2007

Submissions to the SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival should indicate one of the following submission categories. The category choice helps determine which pieces are screened by which subset of the jury in the first round of the selection process, and it is advantageous to indicate a category that corresponds to your work. The categories are:
  • Animated Short (story- or character-based, any medium)

  • Art (abstract and experimental)

  • Broadcast (commercial, music video, design)

  • Cinematic (pre-rendered video game animation)

  • Real Time (video game play, interactive art, and scientific visualizations)

  • Research (explaining and/or demonstrating new computer graphics or interactive techniques)

  • Visual Effects (not story- or character-based)

  • Visualization (scientific, medical, architectural)

  • Other (any work that does not fit the categories above)
Please use an introductory title card to indicate real-time rendered material within your piece. For example: "The following imagery was rendered in real time on a [hardware specification]." Real-time material will be highlighted in the Computer Animation Festival presentations and publications.

Presenter Recognition

The ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Advisory Group has approved significant changes in how the conference recognizes those who present their work at the annual conference. For complete information, see the Presenter Recognition Policy.