New for SIGGRAPH 2007

Extended Deadline

The submission deadline for the SIGGRAPH 2007 Art Gallery has been extended until 5 pm Pacific time, 26 January 2007.

International and Transcultural Participation

The SIGGRAPH 2007 Art Gallery: Global Eyes, encourages participation by people who are working creatively in all cultures, including the developing world and indigenous communities, with a combination of physical and digital processes, including (but not limited to) digital photography and digital video, handcrafts, folk and fine art, ethnography, and world music.

Transdisciplinary Emphasis

We are emphasizing emerging trans-disciplinary, trans-cultural forms at the intersection of computing and the natural sciences, arts, and/or humanities. This could include creativity in the space between disciplinary fields such as anthropology, architecture, biology, ethnographics, genomics, geography, history, linguistics, literature, nanotechnology, neuroscience, oceanography, painting, philosopy, physics, poetry, music, and wireless and embedded systems.


Art Animations should be submitted to the Computer Animation Festival.

Art Installations

For SIGGRAPH 2006, interactive art could be submitted to either the Art Gallery or to Emerging Technologies. This year, these proposals should all be submitted to the Art Gallery.

Art Papers

Art Papers will be curated.

Presenter Recognition

The ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Advisory Group has approved significant changes in how the conference recognizes those who present their work at the annual conference. For complete information, see the Presenter Recognition Policy.

Guerilla Studio

The Art Gallery will be working closely with the Guerilla Studio to coordinate events. Registered attendees interested in making works at the conference can visit the Guerilla Studio.