For Presenters

Call for Participation

This is your invitation to contribute your work to 2007's annual celebration of all that's new and wonderful in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

If you are a frequent attendee, I'd like to draw your attention to some changes for 2007. Many programs will be relying more on curation to augment jury-selected content. The purpose of this policy change is to ensure that the annual SIGGRAPH conference continues to present a comprehensive overview of the best work in the science and art of computer graphics from the previous year. However, more curation should not result in fewer submissions! Please continue to submit your work for jury selection, and also send your suggestions for curated material to the program chairs.

If you are new to SIGGRAPH, the number of options can seem overwhelming. But the opportunities are numerous because our area of research, applications, and industry is so innovative and dynamic. No matter how you are involved in computer graphics and interactive techniques, we seek to provide a forum for you to present your best work. When you browse through all the programs, I hope and expect that you will find one that's just right for your contribution.

The big news for SIGGRAPH 2007 is that we're introducting a new program: IP Marketplace. The selling and licensing of intellectual property is an emerging trend in all technical fields, not just computer graphics. By providing a forum for such activity, we hope to lower the barriers to commercialization of new graphics technology and to provide a means for inventors to realize a return on their investments of creativity and effort.

Even as our field changes, one thing will remain the same: SIGGRAPH is the focal point for everyone involved in computer graphics and interactive techniques. I look forward to seeing you and your work at SIGGRAPH 2007 in San Diego!

Joe Marks
SIGGRAPH 2007 Conference Chair
Walt Disney Animation Studios