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Deadline Extended: Early Bird Media Registration Ends Friday!

SIGGRAPH 2007 will bring an estimated 25,000 computer graphics and interactive technology professionals from around the world to San Diego, California, 5-9 August. A return to the West Coast brings SIGGRAPH closer to the epicenter of some of the most prominent computer graphics and animation studios in the world!

The advance deadline for SIGGRAPH 2007 media registration is Friday, 29 June. If you would like to receive pre-show announcements from exhibitors, you must meet this advance deadline. Media registration will remain open after that date.

REGISTER TODAY! Visit the online registration page.

ATTN SIGGRAPH 2006 Media: Those previously registered through the online system in 2006 can still use the same login and password information for 2007. If you have forgotten your password, please login using your 2006 email address and you will then be prompted to create a new password. For those no longer using their 2006 email addresses, please send an email message to Autumn Wolfer, and we will reset your registration information.

Even if you have qualified for a SIGGRAPH media badge in the past, you must re-qualify for SIGGRAPH 2007. For assistance with your pre-show coverage, contact:

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Attendee Registration Deadline Approaching

Early-Bird Registration Ends 29 June - Attendees can save up to $275

Tell your readers to register for SIGGRAPH 2007 today. Early-bird registration ends 29 June. Registration is simple and only takes a few minutes.

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We know that attendees often need support from their employers to attend. That is why we have developed value-based talking points that you can use to show your boss why SIGGRAPH offers you the best value and knowledge on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Click here for the SIGGRAPH 2007 Talking Points.

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Preview SIGGRAPH 2007

Download the Media Trailers

Want a sneak peak into SIGGRAPH 2007? Click on the links below to preview SIGGRAPH 2007.

SIGGRAPH Conference & Exhibition Overview


Art Gallery

Emerging Technologies

Computer Animation Festival

Post these links to your website and show your readers what they can expect to see in San Diego.

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Media Images

Now Available for Download

An library of SIGGRAPH 2007 images is now availble for you to use. The library features images of works that will be showcased in the Art Gallery: Global Eyes, the Computer Animation Festival, and Emerging Technologies.

Reproduction of these images is limited to news coverage of SIGGRAPH 2007 and requires that the publisher credit the artist and SIGGRAPH 2007 as the source of this material.

To access the library, click here. The password is informatik.

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Record-Breaking Computer Animation Festival

Amazing Digital Film and Video Creations

The SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival will feature 126 cutting-edge films from across the globe. An internationally recognized jury selected these pieces from a record-breaking 905 submissions, featuring exemplary use of computer-generated imagery and animation, and compelling storytelling.

The Computer Animation Festival will present the best work of the year in daily Animation Theaters and the Electronic Theater (matinée and evening shows). Selections include outstanding achievements in time-based art, scientific visualization, visual effects, real-time graphics, and narrative shorts.

"I’m thrilled with the jury’s selections. With the record number of submissions, our material truly represents the best of the best in all of the show categories,” stated Paul Debevec, SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival Chair from the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. “This year’s show weaves together amazing visuals from numerous disciplines into a single mind-altering experience."

Experience the SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival.

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Art Gallery

Global Eyes

The SIGGRAPH 2007 Art Gallery: Global Eyes seeks to illuminate the roles digital media play in shaping, extending, and reflecting world views in an effort to expand awareness of people and nature.







Main categories for the artwork include:

  • Animation
  • Artist Books
  • Art Panels
  • Art Papers
  • Art Talks
  • Digital Performance
  • Installations
  • Monitor-Based Work
  • Wall-Based Work

The Art Gallery offers SIGGRAPH 2007 attendees the extraordinary opportunity to visit the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Cal-IT2) at the University of California - San Diego. Cal-IT2 is providing their innovative, state-of-the-art facility to house the Art Gallery performances during a special weekend engagement at the start of SIGGRAPH 2007. Buses will be available between the San Diego Convention Center and Cal-IT2.

In addition to juried work, the Art Gallery: Global Eyes has invited some of the most innovative artists from around the world to present their work, ensuring a special opportunity to see works representing the best in the field of digital art in many countries and cultures.

Global Eyes is collaborating with ISAST Leonardo, an organization that serves the international arts community by promoting and documenting work at the intersection of the arts, sciences, and technology in order to build bridges between people collaboratively working around the globe.

Learn more about the SIGGRAPH 2007 Art Gallery.

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Guerilla Studio

Launch of Artists in Residence Program

For SIGGRAPH 2007, the Guerilla Studio is hosting the Artists in Residence Program. Six emerging and established resident artists coming from 2D, 3D, digital, non-digital, production, one-of-a-kind, large, and small scale-traditions will have their own group workspace, integrated into the overall studio design, to help facilitate the best possible mix of their personal visions and skills, group and collaborative energies, and the array of technical resources represented in the Guerilla Studio.

As always, the Guerilla Studio allows you to interact with a variety of creative areas and technologies regardless of your skill level. You can stop in the Guerilla Studio anytime to check out what is going on. And you should do so a few times throughout the week, because many ongoing projects and works will be evolving and changing.

Additional highlights include:

Animation Area: Explore both the very high tech and the low tech of animation techniques, processes, and technologies. Sit down and have some fun at our stop-motion animation stations as you build a quick animation to take home; meet one of our creative specialists, who will be ready to open up the engine compartments of their own work, get into the nuts and bolts of its design, and then hand over the keys to see what you can do; attend one of our presentations showcasing a number of projects and techniques; and sit down at one of our open stations where you'll be able to explore some of the latest and best of tools available.

Collaboration Area: Often the creative process is singular and individual, but when the work becomes collaborative, the resulting imagery becomes more than the sum of its parts. In the Collaboration Space, attendees share collaboration, cultural exchange, and cooperative art-making.

Show and Tell: Need information? Can't find what you need? Want to see what has been going on in the Guerilla Studio? Too overwhelmed to know were to begin? Show and Tell encompasses all of this and so much more.

Sound Area: An interactive sound installation that uses the model of sound greeting cards as a vehicle for sound transactions. Attendees can take part in a collective soundscape through playing sound greeting cards as musical instruments.

3D Area: In the 3D area, attendees are invited to work with state-of-the-art 3D data-capture systems, modeling packages, and rapid-prototyping equipment. In this creative environment, you can generate 3D digital objects either by modeling in the latest version of various full-featured software packages or by using 3D data-capture devices to scan actual objects (bring an object, or yourself, or sculpt an object out of clay; we'll even provide the clay). Then your computer models can be "manufactured" in three dimensions (translated into physical reality) with a bank of rapid-prototyping machines, printed two dimensionally using various large- and small-format printing processes, or animated.

Motion Capture, courtesy of PhaseSpace: PhaseSpace invites you to try out the PhaseSpace IMPULSE motion-capture system in the SIGGRAPH 2007 Guerrilla Studio. Sign up now to secure your 15 minutes of fame. We will light you up with our active LED system, and then give you the floor to do with as you will. After you are done, you will receive the motion capture data that was recorded during your performance.

Explore the Guerilla Studio.

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Spotlight on Courses

Deepen Your CG Knowledge

SIGGRAPH 2007 Courses deliver invaluable learning opportunities in three formats (tutorials, half-day classes, and full-day classes) and three levels of difficulty (beginning, intermediate, and advanced). Attendees learn principles and techniques that shape software evolution, hardware systems, feature-film production, and future research directions.

This year, 33 Courses will be offered, spanning industries from game development to film production to digital art. Courses make up one of the cornerstones of the SIGGRAPH 2007 technical program.

All courses are available to attendees on a first-come, first-served basis. A sampling of the courses include:

Discover Courses.

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SIGGRAPH 2007 Exhibition Experiencing Rapid Growth

The SIGGRAPH 2007 Exhibition has continued to experience rapid growth in booth sales that puts it on pace to exceed the number of 2006 exhibitors. In fact, the quantity of companies and the amount of space is up 15% as compared to previous years.

“The SIGGRAPH Exhibition offers you access to a unique mix of the industry's leading vendors and emerging challengers, all under one roof,” stated Joe Marks, SIGGRAPH 2007 Chair from Walt Disney Animation Studios. “Increased participation from international organizations reinforces the fact that SIGGRAPH is the premier forum for computer graphics and interactive techniques.”

Ask your readers to Contact SIGGRAPH 2007 Exhibition Management if you they are interested in reserving booth space.

Access SIGGRAPH 2007 Exhibitors.

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San Diego Convention Center courtesy of Timothy Hursley | Travelers Snowball © 2006 St. Paul Travelers | Re-formation © Masakazu Takano

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