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Letter From the Conference Chair

The first issue of this year's SIGGRAPHITTI is a major step towards meeting you in San Diego this August. SIGGRAPH 2007 planning is well underway and this year promises to be another exciting and dynamic year for computer graphics and interactive techniques.

As the committee and I prepare for SIGGRAPH 2007, we want to be sure you, as the media, have the information you need. Over the next few months, you can expect several SIGGRAPH updates that detail everything about the conference - from the programs to the exhibition. In particular, watch your inboxes for details on the following new initiatives at SIGGRAPH 2007:


  • Featured speakers: To enhance the attendee experience, we are replacing the Keynote Speaker with three Featured Speakers, one for each of the three major constituencies in our community: industry/commerce, art, and research.

  • More curated content: We will extend a practice begun in 2006 to augment the peer-reviewed submissions in most of our programs with invited content. For example, Emerging Technologies will present demonstrations of several revolutionary technologies that are just coming to market. In addition, the Panels, Special Sessions, and Guerilla Studio programs will be curated so that SIGGRAPH 2007 is guaranteed to showcase the best work in each field.

  • IP Marketplace: This is a new listing service for intellectual property based on feedback from past SIGGRAPH attendees. For a nominal fee, inventors and owners of patents, software libraries, circuit cores, etc. can list them for sale or license. Potential buyers can peruse the listings and then contact sellers in person at the conference to discuss purchase or licensing. The details of each deal will be decided solely by the buyer and seller.

  • FJORG!: An innovative, new contest will be unveiled at SIGGRAPH 2007. FJORG! is a contest of skill, creativity, and endurance. Teams of iron animators will be challenged for 32 hours straight to create an animated sequence of at least 15 seconds in length.

  • More co-located workshops and events: The Graphics Hardware Workshop, the Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA), and Sandbox: A Videogame Symposium will be back again. In addition, we welcome for the first time the 5th International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR) and the Emerging Display Technologies Workshop (EDT).

I encourage you to use pieces of this e-newsletter on your web sites, newspapers and magazines. Or, post the full attendee version of SIGGRAPHITTI. If your readers are interested in receiving more information about SIGGRAPH 2007, refer them to our web site to give us their contact information. SIGGRAPH wouldn't be the special conference that it is without the unique community of attendees and volunteers that it attracts.

Joe Marks
SIGGRAPH 2007 Conference Chair
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Registration Update

Media Registration Will Begin in April

SIGGRAPH 2007 has created a section of the web site dedicated to you, the media. In this area, you can find press releases, fact sheets, and other valuable media resources as they become available. Stay tuned to this page, SIGGRAPH 2007 media registration will open in April.

Bookmark the Media section of the SIGGRAPH 2007 web site.

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Attendee Registration and Housing Update

Conference Registration and Housing Now Open

SIGGRAPH 2007 registration is now open! Tell your readers, registration is easy and only takes a few minutes. If attendees register now they can lock-in on maximum early-bird discounts.

Encourage your readers to register today.

SIGGRAPH 2007 conference housing is now open to all attendees who want to save the most money and book their hotel rooms early. And, by reserving a room through the SIGGRAPH 2007 hotel reservation system, attendees will have access to shuttle service between the hotels and the convention center. Those attendees who reserve their rooms through SIGGRAPH 2007 will receive special wristbands that allow them to board the shuttle buses. Attendees without wristbands will not be allowed to use the shuttle service.

Click here for details on securing a room.

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New: SIGGRAPH 2007 IP Marketplace

Connecting Buyers and Sellers

SIGGRAPH is introducing a new offering, Intellectual Property (IP) Marketplace, with the goal of simplifying the complicated process of matching parties for buying and selling of intellectual property as it pertains to the ever-expanding computer graphics (CG) and human-computer-interaction (HCI) industries.

For a nominal matching fee, inventors and owners of such properties can list them for sale or license to the computer graphics community via the SIGGRAPH IP Marketplace. The IP listings will be made available via the SIGGRAPH 2007 conference web site to registered users.

"Our hope is that the SIGGRAPH IP Marketplace will facilitate inventors and entrepreneurs working together to develop new CG/HCI products and services," said Joe Marks, SIGGRAPH 2007 Conference Chair from Walt Disney Feature Animation. "What you see in the IP Marketplace this year may be the basis of products you will see in the SIGGRAPH Exhibition a few years from now."

The IP Marketplace application will be available in Mid-March for patent holders or technology seekers to begin uploading data. Applications will be accepted through 1 June 2007.

Access the SIGGRAPH 2007 IP Marketplace.

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SIGGRAPH 2007 Unveils Incredible Courses Content

SIGGRAPH 2007 Courses will deliver invaluable learning opportunities in three formats: tutorials, half-day classes, and full-day classes and three levels of difficulty: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Attendees will learn principles and techniques that shape software evolution, hardware systems, feature-film production, and future research directions.

Discover Courses.

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Just Launched: FJORG!

Iron Animators Working for 32 Straight Hours

SIGGRAPH announces the launch of a new program, FJORG! (pronounced FORGE), in which three-member teams will be challenged to create a character-driven animated sequence based on a specific theme provided by the judges. The catch - it must all be done in 32 straight hours before a live audience and multiple staged distractions. Winning teams, chosen by an elite panel of judges from throughout the entertainment industry, will earn the coveted title of FJORG! - 2007 Viking Animator.

"Every year SIGGRAPH brings the brightest minds together from throughout the world," says Patricia Beckmann-Wells, FJORG! Chair. "FJORG! is a unique opportunity to watch talented people put together incredible work in a limited timeframe under significant pressure. This is expected to be the most challenging animation contest in the world."

FJORG! applications will be accepted beginning 15 March through 1 May 2007.

Uncover the details of FJORG!

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SIGGRAPH Exhibition

SIGGRAPH 2007 Exhibition Sparkles in San Diego

As SIGGRAPH returns to California, a record number of first-time exhibitors are expected.

"We have noticed a major increase in exhibitors this year as SIGGRAPH returns to the West Coast. Currently, 152 vendors are scheduled to exhibit and we expect this number to continue to climb as the year progresses," said Mike Weil, SIGGRAPH 2007 Exhibition Manager.

In addition to exhibit space, 2007 exhibitors have a choice when it comes to sponsorship packages. For more details on exhibiting or sponsorship, e-mail Mike Weil, SIGGRAPH 2007 Exhibition Manager.

Explore the SIGGRAPH 2007 Exhibition.

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Call for Participation Still Open

SIGGRAPH 2007 Invites the Best and the Brightest to Participate

SIGGRAPH continues to welcome participation in 2007's annual celebration of all that's new and wonderful in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

The following programs are still accepting submissions:

  • 14 March 2007: Computer Animation Festival
  • 27 April 2007: Sketches & Posters
  • 27 April 2007: Student Research Competition
  • 1 May 2007: FJORG!
  • 1 June 2007: IP Marketplace

Learn more before time runs out.

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Computer Animation Festival

Calling All Animators

The SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival is the premier event for the world's most innovative and talented digital film creators. A jury made up of industry greats from around the world will select the best submissions to be presented in daily Animation Theaters and the Electronic Theater during the conference. Selections include outstanding achievements in time-based art, scientific visualization, visual effects, real-time graphics, and narrative shorts.

The deadline for submitting your computer animation for the SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival is coming up 14 March 2007.

Find information on how animators can submit their films.

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Sketches & Posters Unite

Two Programs Become One

SIGGRAPH Sketches are brief, illustrated talks on computer graphics and interactive techniques in art, cinema, advertising, design, science, and engineering. SIGGRAPH Posters are graphic displays of incremental, preliminary, partial, and innovative insights that are important but not fully developed.

In the past, SIGGRAPH conferences have featured separate Sketches and Posters programs, however both have always shared the goal of presenting new, innovative ideas that can be described in a single page. For SIGGRAPH 2007, these two programs will be showcased in a unified program, with one submission process, one deadline, and one jury; only the method of presentation will be different. The deadline to submit Sketches and Posters is 27 April 2007.

Learn more about the new format and complete your Sketches & Posters submission.

Also part of the Sketches & Posters Program, The Student Research Competition is accepting applications until 27 April 2007. The Student Research Competition is open to all ACM student members enrolled in higher learning institutions, in both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Get details and submit your work for the SIGGRAPH 2007 Student Research Competition.

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Joe Marks, SIGGRAPH 2007 Conference Chair | San Diego Convention Center courtesy of SDCVB | Doll Face © Andrew Huang

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