Agora: A Collaborative Virtual Learning Environment

Educators Paper
Thursday, 9 August
2- 2:30 pm
Room 8

In 2007, the Canadian Heritage Information Network launched Agora: The VMC Learning Centre. This pilot project aims to position Canadian museum content as an essential part of today's elementary and secondary classrooms. Using wikis, blogs, web conferencing, a unique content-aggregation tool, and other technologies, Agora provides teachers with online learning tools and encourages knowledge sharing between museum educators and students.

This paper discusses the intention of the project from inception to pilot release and future phases. It explores the design and policy decisions that addressed the many challenges associated with working in a public-sector environment and emphasizes the importance of these decisions in creating an accessible, open, and collaborative educational environment that is ripe with authoritative content.


Corey Timpson
Canadian Heritage Information Network
corey_timpson (at)

Valérie Chartrand
Canadian Heritage Information Network