New for SIGGRAPH 2007

Artists In Residence Program

The Guerilla Studio is hosting six emerging and established resident artists who come from 2D, 3D, digital, non-digital, production, one-of-a-kind, large, and small-scale traditions. These artists will have their own group workspace, integrated into the overall studio design, to help facilitate the best possible mix of their personal visions and skills, group and collaborative energies, and the array of technical resources represented in the Guerilla Studio. They will blend their dynamic individual studio practices, in media not always well represented at SIGGRAPH, with the emerging technologies and public nature of the Guerilla Studio to help their work evolve and provide inspiration to attendees.

The 2007 Artists in Residence are:

Harriete Estel Berman

Matthew Hamon

Philip Mallory Jones

Mike and Maaike

Michael Wright

Technologies and Creative Areas

The complete summary of this year's offerings in the Guerilla Studio.

New Hours

For the first time, the Guerilla Studio will be open until 11 pm, on Monday, 6 August.