"Transformers": Giant Frickin' Robots

Tuesday, 7 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 6DE

Bringing 30-foot-tall robots to life in this summer's blockbuster film "Transformers" required some of the most complex modeling and animation ever attempted at Industrial Light & Magic.

With 14 fully computer-generated characters, some containing over 10,000 individually controllable pieces of geometry, new systems had to be developed to make this not only feasible but production friendly - a challenge not to be underestimated. From oil filters and axles to pistons and body panels, each piece had to be individually controllable while operating within a substantially complex system. Transformers are more than the sum of their parts.


Miles Perkins
Director of Marketing and Communications
Industrial Light & Magic


Barbara Robertson
CG Goddess & Freelance Writer


Scott Farrar
Visual Effects Supervisor
Industrial Light & Magic

Russell Earl
Associate Visual Effects Supervisor
Industrial Light & Magic

Scott Benza
Animation Director
Industrial Light & Magic

Jeff White
Digital Production Supervisor
Industrial Light & Magic

Richard Bluff
Digital Matte Supervisor
Industrial Light & Magic