"Happy Feet": Thawing the CG Pipeline

Monday, 6 August
6 - 8 pm
Room 6DE

Due to its strong connection with traditionally animated films, CG filmmaking has historically been a realm of limited editorial control. Story, characters, environments, and even camera moves are firmly locked prior to commencement of production. This panel examines the implementation of a much more live-action approach to CG filmmaking.

On "Happy Feet," Animal Logic strove to engage a live-action director with the CG filmmaking process by providing familiar tools, procedures, and terminology to work with. From real-time lensing stations, motion capture, auditions, and screen tests to casting and crew, the challenge was to free up the CG filmmaking process, and create an environment in which the director had many live-action parallels.


Nick Hore
Training Supervisor
Animal Logic


Aidan Sarsfield
Character Supervisor
Animal Logic

Ben Gunsberger
Lighting Supervisor
Animal Logic

Justen Marshall
R&D Supervisor
Animal Logic