I've Got You Covered

Wednesday, 8 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 3
Session Chair: Lee Markosian, University of Michigan

Stencil-Routed A-Buffer

A GPU technique to capture all the fragments in a frame eight times faster than depth peeling, by using render to multisample textures with stencil routing.

Kevin Myers
Louis Bavoil
NVIDIA Corporation
kmyers (at) nvidia.com

Fast Poisson Disk Sampling in Arbitrary Dimensions

An O(N) algorithm to generate Poisson disk samples that can be trivially implemented in arbitrary dimensions.

Robert Bridson
The University of British Columbia
rbridson (at) cs.ubc.ca

Pixmotor: A Pixel-Motion Integrator

We present a fast, high-quality, image-based technique for applying motion blur to a static image. Rhythm & Hues has used it extensively for visual effects in major motion pictures.

Ivan Neulander
Rhythm & Hues Studios
ivan (at) rhythm.com

Efficient Rendering of Human Skin

A new sum-of-Gaussians representation of diffusion profiles allows highly realistic real-time rendering of multi-layer skin by modifying texture-space diffusion and translucent shadow maps.

Eugene d'Eon
David Luebke
Eric Enderton
NVIDIA Corporation
edeon (at) nvidia.com

Approximation of Subdivision Surface for Interactive Applications

A new approximation of subdivision surfaces for interactive applications, with low CPU support, single-pass GPU adaptive rendering, and higher visual quality than previous fast smoothing methods.

Tamy Boubekeur
Christophe Schlick
tamy.boubekeur (at) labri.fr