Let's Get Physical

Wednesday, 8 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 3
Session Chair: Eitan Grinspun, Columbia University

Modal Locomotion: Controlling Passive Elastic Dynamics

A method that uses modal analysis to create simple locomotion controllers for animals with complex biomechanical structures.

Paul G. Kry
paul.kry (at) imag.fr

Lionel Reveret

François Faure
Marie-Paule Cani

Contact Trees: Adaptive Contact Sampling for Robust Dynamics

An accurate and adaptive contact-generation approach that tightly integrates hierarchical collision detection with generation of well-sampled contact constraints.

Danny M. Kaufman
The University of British Columbia and Rutgers University
kaufman (at) cs.rutgers.edu

Shinjiro Sueda
The University of British Columbia

Dinesh K. Pai
The University of British Columbia and Rutgers University

Real-Time Voxelization of Triangle Meshes on the GPU

Two algorithms to generate voxelizations of triangle meshes on the GPU. Because all the data are generated on the GPU, the algorithms are useful for GPU-based physical simulation.

Ignacio Llamas
NVIDIA Corporation
illamas (at) nvidia.com

Dynamic Execution Tracing of Physical Simulations

To address the performance analysis and debugging needs of simulation software such as fluid or cloth dynamics engines, Imageworks developed an embedded tracing language, sstrace, based on Sun's DTrace language.

Jonathan M. Cohen
Sony Pictures Imageworks
jcohen (at) imageworks.com

Blobtacular: Surfacing Particle Systems in "Pirates of the Caribbean 3"

A tool for efficient and flexible surfacing of particle systems using various novel techniques. The specific application was for production of "Pirates of the Caribbean 3."

Ken Museth
Michael Clive
Nafees Bin Zafar
Digital Domain
museth (at) acm.org