Is This For Real?

Tuesday, 7 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 1AB
Session Chair: Helen-Nicole Kostis, University of Maryland at Baltimore County & Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Seamless Tangible Interaction Through Selective Stylization

A new style of tangible interaction that seamlessly displays physical objects and virtual models in a technical illustration style. Outside regions and the users' hands are shown unaltered.

Jan Fischer
University of Victoria
jan (at)

Daniel Flohr
Wolfgang Strasser
Universität Tübingen

Illumination-Sensitive Dynamic Virtual Sets

A high-speed optical motion capture method that can measure three-dimensional motion, orientation, and incident illumination at tagged points in a scene.

Bert De Decker
Universiteit Hasselt
bert.dedecker (at)

Hideaki Nii
University of Tokyo

Yuki Hashimoto
University of Electro-Communications

Dylan Moore
Syracuse University

Jay Summet
Georgia Institute of Technology

Yong Zhao
Brown University

Jonathan Westhues
Paul Dietz
John Barnwell
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)

Masahiko Inami
University of Electro-Communications

Philippe Bekaert
Universiteit Hasselt

Ramesh Raskar
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)


An Andon-shaped light for private spaces that enables the user to feel the presence of another person in remote spaces by embodied messages: shadow.

Shunpei Yasuda
Sho Hashimoto
Mariko Koizumi
Naohito Okude
Keio University
shunp (at)

The "Castelet": A Dynamically Reconfigurable Stage for Performing Arts

This modular stage machinery composed of simple building blocks allows implementation of complex surfaces that can be modified rapidly and dynamically during a performance.

Jean-Philippe Jobin
Laval University
jobin (at)

Sylvain Comtois
Clément Gosselin
Denis Laurendeau
Robert Faguy
Université Laval

Implementing Wave Particles for Real-Time Water Waves With Object Interaction

Implementation details of a wave-particle approach that offers real-time and unconditionally stable simulation of fluid surface waves and their two-way interactions with floating objects.

Cem Yuksel
Donald H. House
John Keyser
Texas A&M University
cem (at)