Taking Shape

Tuesday, 7 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 9
Session Chair: Olga Sorkine, Technische Universität Berlin

Surface Network Construction From Non-Parallel Cross-Sections

Given any set of planar cross-sections with piece-wise linear curve networks, this novel method produces a closed triangular surface network that smoothly interpolates the input curves.

Lu Liu
Tao Ju
Washington University in St .Louis
liulu351 (at) gmail.com

Real-Time Constructive Solid Geometry

An improved BSP tree-merging algorithm for Boolean operations. The result is an order of magnitude faster (16-30x) and admits a straightforward implementation.

Mikola Lysenko
Michigan Technological University
mclysenk (at) mtu.edu

Volume-Controlled Surface Fairing

A simple, efficient, and unconditionally stable surface-fairing scheme with a local near preservation of volume built into the surface flow.

Ilya Eckstein
University of Southern California
ilyaeck (at) usc.edu

Yiying Tong
California Institute of Technology

C.C.-Jay Kuo
University of Southern California

Mathieu Desbrun
California Institute of Technology

Scalable Free-Form Deformation

A streaming system that allows performance of interactive free-form deformation on arbitrary gigantic objects on a single workstation.

Tamy Boubekeur
tamy.boubekeur (at) labri.fr

Olga Sorkine
Technische Universität Berlin

Christophe Schlick

Nearly Rigid Deformation by Linear Optimization

An approach for fast, near-rigid 3D deformation achieved by approximating a rigid transformation of each point by a moving least-squares optimization with a linear closed-form solution.

SoHyeon Jeong
Chang-Hun Kim
Korea University
SoHyeon.Jeong (at) gmail.com