Go With The Flow

Thursday, 9 August
3:45 - 6 pm
Room 6DE
Session Chair: David Hart, FallLine/Disney Interactive Studios

End of the World Waterfall Setup for "Pirates of the Caribbean 3"

The tools and pipelines developed to manage the shot-iteration cycles for rendering the volumetric waterfall in "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End."

Ryo Sakaguchi
Todd Dufor
Jens Zalzala
Paul Lambert
Alan Kapler
Digital Domain
ryo (at) d2.com

Wave Displacement Effects for "Surf's Up"

Techniques used to create ocean displacement effects for "Surf's Up," including ambient waves, surfing wave effects, and character-driven ripples, wakes, and foam patterns.

Deborah Carlson
Sony Pictures Imageworks
dcarlson (at) imageworks.com

"Surf's Up" Beach Break

Overview of a highly procedural and efficient setup for beach break on "Surf's Up," which allowed the animators to generate the shot in less than an hour.

Tom Kluyskens
Sony Pictures Imageworks
tkluyskens (at) imageworks.com

Making Waves for "Surf's Up"

The Hero procedural, predefined data-type-driven wave system, treated as characters within a nonlinear ocean-system pipeline and interpolated in a non-time-step-reliant system that generates unlimited wave types for surf-board wake trails, crashing and breaking energy, and ocean-surface ripple previews.

Erick Miller
Rob Bredow
Daniel Kramer
Matt Hausman
Deborah Carlson
Peter Shinners
John Clark
Sony Pictures Imageworks
erickmiller (at) yahoo.com

Simulation, Simulation, Simulation

For "Superman Returns" and "Happy Feet," Rhythm & Hues Studios developed various fluid-simulation techniques and created a flexible process to maximize the ability to art-direct each step.

Markus Kurtz
Jerry Tessendorf
Rhythm & Hues Studios
markusk (at) rhythm.com

300's Liquid Battlefield: Fluid Simulation Spartan Style

An in-depth look at Scanline's CG shots with crashing ships in digital oceans simulated with Flowline.

Stephan Trojansky
Thomas Ganshorn
Oliver Pilarski
Flowline, ScanlineVFX