Looking Good

Thursday, 9 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 4
Session Chair: Emru Townsend, Frames Per Second Magazine

Anime Perspective

Two tools for creating images with anime perspective, a surreal view used in traditional animations: Anime-Pers deformer and Anime-Lens shader.

Yosuke Katsura
Ken Anjyo
OLM Digital,Inc.
katsura (at) olm.co.jp

Data-Driven Efficient Production of Cartoon Character Animation

Proposed technologies to improve the efficiency of Japanese Anime production. Animators can directly express their sensibilities in 3D characters, especially their styles and motions.

Shigeo Morishima
Waseda University
shigeo (at) waseda.jp

Shigeru Kuriyama
Toyohashi University of Technology

Shinichi Kawamoto
ATR Tadamichi Suzuki
Toyohashi University of Technology

Masaaki Taira
Trilogy Future Studio Inc.

Tatsuo Yotsukura
Satoshi Nakamura

Sketching Curves With Immediate Feedback

A fast, robust, and accurate method for fitting a G1-continuous, piecewise polynomial curve to a sequence of digitized points as they are drawn rather than after a pen-up event.

Sarah F. Frisken
Tufts University
frisken (at) cs.tufts.edu

Semi-Regular Patterns on Surfaces

A technique for decorating surfaces with seamless ornamental designs. Planar patterns belonging to certain symmetry groups can easily be mapped onto surfaces with semi-regular parameterizations.

Craig S. Kaplan
University of Waterloo
csk (at) cgl.uwaterloo.ca

Combining Computer Vision and Physics Simulations Using GPGPU

A system that uses the computational power of graphics processors (GPUs) to enable a computer vision algorithm, such as stereo depth extraction, to drive a physics simulation in an interactive environment.

Justin Hensley
John Isidoro
Arcot Preetham
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
justin.hensley (at) amd.com