Bend and Stretch

Thursday, 9 August
8:30 - 10:15 am
Room 1AB
Session Chair: Ayellet Tal, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Optimization-Based Interactive Motion Synthesis for Virtual Characters

An optimization-based approach to synthesizing interactive character animation, emphasizing both physical realism and user controllability. This approach also provides a generic framework for designing intuitive and versatile controllers.

Sumit Jain
Yuting Ye
C. Karen Liu
University of Southern California
sumit (at)

Simulating Coordinated Movement With Tendons

A novel simulation framework for efficiently and accurately simulating the coupled dynamics of tendons and bones.

Shinjiro Sueda
Dinesh K. Pai
The University of British Columbia
sueda (at)

Musculo-Skeletal Shape Skinning

Unique muscle and skin binding, pose-space and skin-simulation system, procedural volume primitive weighted-quaternion binding algorithm with fully integrated pose-space technology coupled with layered dynamic simulation. The system was used on "Spider-Man 3."

Erick Miller
Joe Harkins
Sony Pictures Imageworks
erickmiller (at)

Fantastic Four: Stretching The Limits

The unique challenge of rigging, deforming, performing realistic coth-simulation, and photo-realistic rendering of Mr. Fantastic, an all-CG character that can stretch 1,500+ feet and deform into any shape imaginable.

Erick Miller
Jeremy Butler
Rudy Grossman
Russell Pearsall
erickmiller (at)