A10. Implementing Wave Particles for Real-Time Water Waves With Object Interaction

Cem Yuksel
Donald H. House
John Keyser
Texas A&M University
cem (at)

A11. Saving the Z-Cull Optimization

Stephan Mantler
Markus Hadwiger
VRVis Research Center
step (at)

Christian Sigg
NVIDIA Corporation

A12. A GPU Interpolating Reconstruction From Unorganized Points

Carlos Buchart
Diego Borro
Aiert Amundarain
CEIT and Tecnun (Universidad de Navarra)
cibi3d (at)

A13. GPU-Accelerated SPH Particle Simulation and Rendering

Yanci Zhang
Barbara Solenthaler
Renato Pajarola
Universität Zürich
zhang (at)

A14. Anywhere Pixel Compositor

Ruigang Yang
University of Kentucky
ryang (at)

Anselmo Lastra
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A15. Hardware Accelerated Broad Phase Collision Detection

Muiris Woulfe
John Dingliana
Michael Manzke
Trinity College Dublin
woulfem (at)

A16. Metatextures: A Brief Introduction

Chris Oates
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
ctoates (at)