Character Animation II

Thursday, 9 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 6CF
Session Chair/Discussant: Okan Arikan, University of Texas at Austin

SIMBICON: Simple Biped Locomotion Control

Controllers for physics-based simulation of bipedal gaits, including multiple styles of walking, running, and skipping. The controllers can mimic motion capture data, enabling dynamic interaction with captured motions.

Kangkang Yin
Kevin Loken
Michiel van de Panne
The University of British Columbia

Construction and Optimal Search of Interpolated Motion Graphs

A method that uses discrete optimization to find a globally optimal motion that matches the user's specification in a motion graph constructed to support interpolation and pruned for efficient search.

Alla Safonova
Jessica K. Hodgins
Carnegie Mellon University

Simulating Biped Behaviors From Human Motion Data

Planar articulated characters that are dynamically simulated in real time, equipped with an integrated repertoire of motor skills learned from motion capture data, and controlled interactively to perform desired motions.

Kwang Won Sok
Manmyung Kim
Jehee Lee
Seoul National University

Efficient Symbolic Differentiation for Graphics Applications

D* is a simple, functional, symbolic language embedded in C# that allows for computation of very efficient symbolic derivatives.

Brian K. Guenter
Microsoft Corporation