Video Processing

Thursday, 9 August
3:45 - 5:30 pm
Room 6AB
Session Chair/Discussant: Maneesh Agrawala, University of California, Berkeley

Factored Time-Lapse Video

A compact representation that separates time-lapse video into illumination, reflectance, and shadow components, enabling applications including pseudo-normal estimation, compression, and intuitive video editing.

Kalyan Sunkavalli
Wojciech Matusik
Hanspeter Pfister
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)

Szymon Rusinkiewicz
Princeton University

Computational Time-Lapse Video

Techniques for generation of novel time-lapse videos that address the inherent sampling issues of traditional photographic time-lapse capture with the use of non-uniform sampling and non-linear filtering.

Eric P. Bennett
Leonard McMillan
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Real-Time Edge-Aware Image Processing With the Bilateral Grid

A new data structure that enables real-time edge-aware image processing on high-definition video.

Jiawen Chen
Sylvain Paris
Frédo Durand
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Video Watercolorization Using Bidirectional Texture Advection

A method for creating watercolor animation from video. The primary contributions are extensions of previous methods, including texturing (using advection) and abstraction (using mathematical morphology) for temporal coherence.

Adrien Bousseau
INRIA, Grenoble University, and Adobe Systems Incorporated

Fabrice Neyret

Joelle Thollot
INRIA, Grenoble University

David Salesin
Adobe Systems Incorporated and University of Washington