Perception & Color

Wednesday, 8 August
3:45 - 6 pm
Room 6AB
Session Chair/Discussant: Erik Reinhard, University of Bristol

Color Images Visible Under UV Light

Fluorescent inks allow us to create color images visible only under UV light. This paper proposes spectral prediction, gamut mapping, and juxtaposed half-toning methods specifically adapted to fluorescent ink halftones.

Roger D. Hersch
Philipp Donzé
Sylvain Chosson
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Visual Equivalence: Towards a New Standard for Image Fidelity

Visual equivalence occurs when noticeably different images convey the same scene appearance to an observer. This paper analyzes this phenomenon for illumination transformations and proposes a metric for novel rendering optimizations.

Ganesh Ramanarayanan
James Ferwerda
Bruce Walter
Kavita Bala
Cornell University

The Influence of Shape on the Perception of Material Reflectance

The shape of an object has a significant influence on the perception of its material. 3D modeling applications should offer material visualization and editing directly on the target object.

Peter Vangorp
Jurgen Laurijssen
Philip Dutré
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


Wednesday, 8 August
3:45 - 6 pm
Room 6AB
Session Chair/Discussant: Fabio Pellacini, Dartmouth College

Sampling With Polyominoes

A new general-purpose method for fast hierarchical-importance sampling with blue-noise properties. The approach is based on self-similar tiling of the plane with rectifiable polyominoes.

Victor Ostromoukhov
Université de Montréal

Stochastic Simplification for Aggregate Detail

Complex scenes are simplified by randomly selecting a subset of the elements and altering them statistically to preserve overall appearance.

Rob Cook
John Halstead
Maxwell Planck
David Ryu
Pixar Animation Studios