Wednesday, 8 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Room 6CF
Session Chair/Discussant: Doug L. James, Cornell University

Harmonic Coordinates for Character Articulation

This paper investigates the use of Laplace's equation to create deformations for use in high-end character articulation systems.

Pushkar Joshi
University of California, Berkeley and Pixar Animation Studios

Mark Meyer
Tony DeRose
Brian Green
Tom Sanocki
Pixar Animation Studios

Automatic Rigging and Animation of 3D Characters

A method for automatically rigging a 3D character for skeletal animation. This prototype, called Pinocchio, can animate a given character mesh in under a minute.

Ilya Baran
Jovan Popović
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Real-Time Enveloping With Rotational Regression

A fast and accurate example-based enveloping technique that can run on graphics hardware. Our technique seeks to be a replacement for linear-blend skinning.

Robert Y. Wang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kari Pulli
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Nokia Research Center

Jovan Popović
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Key Point Subspace Acceleration and Soft Caching

A statistical acceleration scheme that uses examples to compute a statistical subspace and a set of characteristic key points. Applications include articulation and rendering.

Mark Meyer
John Anderson
Pixar Animation Studios