Submission Rules and Requirements

To list IP for sale or license, you must complete the online <SIGGRAPH 2007 IP Marketplace Submission Form. The online submission system includes instructions on how to complete the online form. When you begin a form, your submission will be assigned a submission identification (ID) number that will be used to identify and track your IP listing.

IP listings must be submitted electronically via the SIGGRAPH 2007 IP Marketplace submission system. No other method of submission will be accepted. Fax submissions are not accepted. Submission procedures are specified in the online submission process. The submission form will ask you for the following information:
  • Who are you? Identification data include your name, affiliation, and contact information.

  • Are you a co-inventor or co-developer of the IP being listed? We assume that you are the rightful owner of anything you offer for sale or license. Please indicate what role, if any, you had in creation of the IP.

  • What do you want to sell or license? All forms of IP can be listed: patents, blueprints, software, circuit cores, trademarks, copyrighted content of various kinds, technical know-how via consulting, etc.

  • Are there any supporting materials for your IP listing? Granted patents and recent patent applications can be examined via government web sites (for example, the US Patent and Trademark Office). Other examples of supporting material include software documentation, circuit diagrams, performance data, etc.

  • What are your desired terms? If IP is offered for sale or license, the seller might indicate a desired price range and payment mechanism (for example, a one-time fee or on-going royalty payments). Licenses are usually more complicated: they can be exclusive or non-exclusive; they may come with a right to sub-license; and they may also have restrictions on their field of use. Often the seller is willing to provide consulting services or tech support to aid the buyer in understanding and using the IP being offered. By describing desired terms in as much detail as possible, the seller will increase the likelihood of serious inquiries from potential buyers.

  • Is the IP encumbered in any way? Existing contracts or licensing agreements should be disclosed in the listing.

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