International Resources Events

Informative international sessions on the current state of computer graphics around the world, organized by representatives of ACM SIGGRAPH and affiliated societies.

See the International Resources Schedule near the International Center Entrance for additional events throughout the week.

Overview of SIGGRAPH 2007 (With Japanese Interpreter)

Sunday, 5 August
10 am - Noon


Sunday, August 5
4 - 5 pm

Attendees from Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and surrounding regions are invited to this meeting to find out how we can help each other channel our energies to promote computer graphics activities in these countries. Members of ANZGRAPH (Australia and New Zealand Graphics) and SEAGRAPH (South East Asian Graphics) will present details of their activities during the year and provide information about the forthcoming GRAPHITE conference. Join us, meet others from these regions, and find out how to get involved.

Viveka Weiley
viveka (at)

Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA) Open Forum

Monday, 6 August
11:30 am - 1 pm

ISEA is an international non-profit organisation fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse groups and individuals working with art, science, and emerging technologies. This discussion includes information about the organizationm, the upcoming ISEA Symposium to be held in Singapore in 2008, and plans for the future of ISEA. All interested members of the electronic arts community are welcome to attend, to learn about future symposia and share ideas for potential organizational collaborations.

Sue Gollifer

CG in Latino Countries

Monday, 6 August
4 - 5 pm

A brief overview of the state of CG in Latino countries. The session will end with a celebratory piñata.

Marilenis Olivera
Marilenis (at)

Animation by Young Japanese Creators

Tuesday, 10 - 11 am

A presentation of works by Japanese young creators who were accepted at DCAJ's 2006 Digital Creators Competition.

Toshio Suzuki
Suzuki (at)

Beyond Entertainment: CG Technology Application in Japan

Tuesday, 7 August
11 am - noon

Presentations by Japanese manufacturers on their application of cutting-edge CG technology in the process of production.

Toshio Suzuki
Suzuki (at)

Interactive and Digital Media Initiatives in Singapore

Tuesday, 7 August
3 - 4 pm

A short presentation on the latest initiatives and opportunities in Singapore due to new efforts in interactive and digital media (IDM). A strategic focus on IDM R&D underscores the Singapore government's commitment to developing the IDM sector and to create a niche for excellence in Singapore. As part of this effort, various research programs and new institutes are forming in Singapore, which offer ample opportunities for international research cooperation.

After the presentation, researchers and graduate students will have an opportunity to discuss cooperation and opportunities in Singapore.

Korean Attendees Meeting

Tuesday, 7 August
4 - 5 pm

Koreans in the computer graphics community can get to know each other at this event. We welcome any Korean, regardless of current residency or nationality.

SIGGRAPH Traveling Art Show Meeting

Wednesday, 8 August
9 - 10 am

Every other year, a subset of the art pieces exhibited at the conference is selected to form a Traveling Art Show. The show is available for travel for two years after the completion of the conference. Past exhibitors of the show include museums, university galleries, and new-media festivals. If you're interesting in bringing these or future art shows to your community, please attend this meeting to find out more, including assistance in scheduling, shipping, and insurance.

Scott Lang

ACM SIGGRAPH Professional and Student Chapters Start-Up Meeting

Wednesday, 8 August
Noon - 1:30 pm

The Professional and Student Chapters of ACM SIGGRAPH span the globe. Each chapter consists of individuals involved in education, research and development, the arts, industry, and entertainment who are interested in advancing computer graphics and interactive techniques, related technologies, and their applications. Chapter members gather throughout the year at meetings, site visits, conferences, video screenings, art shows, and special events.

This session explains how to start and run a successful ACM SIGGRAPH Professional or Student Chapter. Topics regarding the process are outlined in detail by members of the Chapters Committee, and the session concludes with a Q&A session.

Scott Lang

AFRIGRAPH Meeting (African Graphics Association)

Wednesday, 8 August
3 - 4 pm

This meeting will review the latest exciting developments in computer graphics and interactive techniques in Africa, and provide details of the forthcoming AFRIGRAPH conference, AFRIGRAPH 2007. The 5th International Conference on Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics, Visualization and Interaction in Africa will take place in Grahamstown, South Africa, 29-31 October 2007.

Hannah Slay
H.Slay (at)

Eurographics: Now Blooming in Spring!

Thursday, 9 August
1 - 2 pm

Eurographics, the European Association for Computer Graphics, helps professionals, researchers, and students excel in their careers in computer graphics and digital media. In 2008, our flagship annual conference will be held in the spring for the first time. Paper deadlines are in September, so make sure to submit all those new results developed over the summer and join us in sunny Crete next April! In the meantime, do come to our presentation, meet with other Eurographics members worldwide, and learn about our upcoming conferences, symposia, workshops, and publications.