E Ink Electrophoretic Displays

E Ink technology is enabling a new generation of revolutionary reflective displays with ultra-low power consumption, a thin flexible form, and daylight readability. The viewer has the experience of reading from paper, yet can still update the information. The technology is now being incorporated into many applications, including electronic readers, cell phones, signage, and memory devices.

Enhanced Life

Electronic paper will enable us to read and see up-to-date information with a paper-like experience without the negative environmental impact of cutting down forests and disposing of thousands of tons of paper every day or the high energy wastage of conventional electronic displays.


To develop the current monochrome electronic ink for high-volume production and enable full-color, flexible, rollable displays.


E Ink technology is based on highly engineered, oppositely charged pigment particles suspended in a clear liquid. This suspension is then encapsulated, and the microcapsules are subsequently coated roll-to-roll as a monolayer on flexible substrates. Depending on the polarity of the voltage applied, one particle moves to the front of the display, and the other one moves to the back, where it is hidden. Once it is generated, the image remains for years without power until a new electrical impulse is applied.


E Ink electronic paper technology will surround us in the future. It will be available everywhere a thin non-breakable form factor, daylight readability, low power, light weight, and/or flexibility is desired in a changeable visual medium. Electronic books, electronic billboards, watches, memory cards, smart cards, and shelf labels are only the beginning.


Michael McCreary
E Ink Corporation
mmccreary (at) EINK.com