This interactive, four-dimensional globe is a projection of the Earth's surface on a physical sphere. It shows the historical movement of the continents as its main feature, but it is also capable of displaying all kinds of other geographical data such as climate changes, plant growth, radiation, rainfall, forest fires, seasons, airplane routes, and more.

Enhanced Life

Globe4D extends the functionality of traditional globes found in many households and schools by allowing people of all ages and backgrounds to learn in an entertaining way about how a planet changes over time.


This simple but highly educational, entertaining multi-user device for globe viewing is designed to help people, especially kids, learn about the earth and realize in a playful and tactile manner how it has changed and still changes over time.


Globe4D's main innovation is its method of mapping spatio-temporal geographic data on a physical sphere. It is not a flat representation of a changing planet but a real physical globe featuring hands-on interactivity.


Flat screens in classrooms and museums are outdated when it comes to learning about the earth. The earth is a sphere, and so is Globe4D. The earth changes over time, and so does Globe4D. You can play on earth, and you can play with Globe4D. You can learn on earth, and you can learn from Globe4D.

Don't put kids behind computers. Put computers behind things!


Rick Companje
Universiteit Leiden
rick (at) globe4d (dot) com


Nico van Dijk
Hanco Hogenbirk
Danica Mast
Rick Companje
Universiteit Leiden