The Next Generation of MEMS-Based Displays: QUALCOMM's IMOD Technology

The industry's first interferometric modulator (IMOD) display for mobile devices, an innovative technology that offers low power consumption and a superior, consistent viewing experience in a wide range of lighting conditions, including bright sunlight.

Enhanced Life

With IMOD technology, displays are always viewable and provide more usage time per charge.


QUALCOMM MEMS Technologies' goal is to bring to market an innovative, must-have technology that provides a superior user experience.


IMOD technology is an innovation unlike anything on the market today. As a reflective technology, IMOD displays harness ambient light and use it to their advantage, dramatically increasing the display's efficiency. In addition, IMOD displays eliminate polarizers and color filters, which absorb light and reduce efficiency.


IMOD displays will enable an optimum user experience for consumers who demand more from their wireless devices.


Cheryl Schwarzman
QUALCOMM MEMS Technologies
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