One Laptop Per Child: The XO Laptop

A powerful learning tool created expressly for the poorest children in the world's most remote environments. With the XO, nations of the emerging world can leapfrog decades of development and immediately transform the content and quality of their children's learning.

Enhanced Life

The XO is a window to the world's huge storehouse of knowledge. Children in emerging nations will use it to develop their full creative and problem-solving potential.


This is an education project, not a laptop project. The goal is to provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment, and express themselves with a machine designed for "learning learning."


The XO is a flexible, ultra-low-cost, power-efficient, responsive, and durable machine for the emerging world. It can be hand powered. It has no crashable hard drive. And its open-source software supports dual-mode display, mesh networking, and SUGAR, a new take on the traditional GUI interface.


The XO was developed by the One Laptop per Child Foundation, which is devoted to giving children in even the most remote regions an opportunity to tap into their own potential and contribute to the world community.


Will Hodkinson
Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Matthew Hockenberry
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Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology