Holographic and Action Capture Techniques

An interactive virtual reality system based on computer-vision-assisted, real-time human action capturing: a 3D scene composer that provides a combination of live-captured humans and CG objects visualized on a holographic 3D display to achieve a very realistic, unconstrained 3D experience for multiple users.

Enhanced Life

The combination of 3D displays and 3D capturing devices will find novel applications in many fields, such as: entertainment (live plays, game development, amusement parks), media arts, cultural heritage and education (for example, museum exhibits), biomechanics, advertising, training and simulation, scientific visualization, CAD-CAM, gaming, communications (tele-presence, 3D TV), military and security applications, and any system that requires high-quality interactive or live 3D representation. Nearly full immersion in virtual reality will significantly enhance human creativity.


To show a working example of a system with real-time captured data of human actors complete with the geometry, texturing, and dynamics of the body, insert the acquired 3D data stream into a high-quality 3D scenario, and present the resulting scene to the naked eye in true 3D or on a large-scale holographic display. Using their body parts, humans represented by the captured data interact naturally and comfortably with presented virtual objects.


This is the first practical demonstration of a system capable of computing and displaying the 3D geometry, texture, and dynamics of a complex object model in real time and creating accurate, interactive, three-dimensional, animated (up to 25 fps) images in true 3D with full, observer-independent, continuous parallax within a large workspace.


Zsuzsa Dobranyi
Holografika Kft.
zs.dobranyi (at) holografika.com


Tibor Balogh
Tamas Forgacs
Attila Barsi
Zsuzsa Dobranyi
Holografika Kft.

Edmond Boyer

Laurent Chabin
Total Immersion

Tomas Rodriguez
Eptron, S.A.

Ferenc Kahlesz
Universität Bonn