Fuwapica Suite

The Fuwapica Suite is a set of furniture (table and chairs) that interacts with people near it. For example, it detects colors specified by a user and then gradually changes the color of a chair when the user sits in it.

Enhanced Life

In Fuwapica Suite, users apply their favorite colors to interact directly with furniture and indirectly with other people. It provides a modest and natural way to convey emotional states to others, since emotions are often associated with colors.


The relationship between human beings and artifacts has changed since the Industrial Revolution, and some of the emotional feeling in that relationship seems to be lost. The goal of this project is to show that furniture (and other artifacts) can express emotions just as humans can. Eventually, the project will develop hardware and software kits for rapid creation of such truly interactive furniture.


The core technical innovation of the Fuwapica Suite is in its lighting system. As it senses the color of physical objects and human interaction with them, it immediately computes colors and expresses them. Special hardware and software allow designers (not engineers) to manipulate the sensors and light boxes with common Flash tools. Color sensors and light-control boxes were developed with tri-luminous LEDs and micro-controllers as building blocks.


This technology will be commercially available in one or two years.


Ichi Kanaya
Studio Mangoose, JST
Kanaya (at) sens.sys.es.osaka-u.ac.jp


Shinya Matsuyama
Masaki Yagisawa
Kenji Inokuchi
Hiroaki Kawamura
Shozo Kuze
Hisakazu Nabeshima
Makoto Hirahara
Koji Yamashita
Tomohiro Wakatsuki
Mitsuaki Watanabe
Studio Mangoose, JST