ShootCut&PlayCamera (SCP.Camera) combines a real-time montage interface and an immersive device. It gives filmmakers or camera operators an easy way to set up their work for previsualization. Users can activate actors' animations, record the virtual world, and edit sequences before exporting them to 3D software.

Enhanced Life

SCP.Camera provides a new way to prepare and plan movie production. Because it makes choices available in real time, users can create camera movements from a virtual environment, visualize them immediately, and edit them: cut, order, extend, etc. They can try every move and every point of view, and anticipate and test frames, camera movements, lighting layout, and other environmental effects.


The main goal of SCP.Camera is to create a new decision-making tool for directors and CG animation artists. But SCP.Camera can also be used in other domains. In architecture, it could be used to view a building project before it is built, or a house before buying it.


SCP.Camera combines a montage interface with a motion capture device in the same application. With SCP.Camera, the aim is not to record reality anymore, but to record virtual environments. Inspired by a traditionnal double-track montage system, SCP.Camera uses a real-time 3D engine to allow users to create sequences from an original 3D environment or an imported environment. Within a single interface, coupled with an immersive device, users can freely interact with 3D space, try out traditional or unusual camera movements, and record displacements as the camera moves. Then they can create, modify, and visualize their work infinitely. This use of real-time 3D tehcnoloy delivers dramatic flexibility and speed in production (no rendering time required).


Future applications might allow distant users to work together in a virtual environment. Camera operators, lighting engineers, and actors might collaborate on a virtual stage. In a playful variation, SCP.Camera might become a virtual reporter game in which players become news reporters trying to film a scoop.


Quittard Rémi
Université Paris 8 (at)


Gouchet Xavier
Serikoff Nicolas
Université Paris 8