Freqtric Game

Freqtric Game applies human skin contact to game control in a shoot-em-up game, a rhythm-action game, and a robot-battle game.

Enhanced Life

Today, telecommunication technologies (telephone, email, internet chat, etc.) penetrate daily life in many ways. Though it is convenient and necessary to use these electronic modes of communication, face-to-face and body-to-body communication are also necessary to restore inherent sensitivity to human life. Freqtric Game enhances interpersonal communication in both virtual space and real space.


To enhance enjoyment and intimacy in videogames with skin contact.


Freqtric Games uses human skin as a conductor. The sensing module can detect not only skin contact but also intensity of skin contact. This is a unique game-input technique.

This project is one of a series called Freqtric Project, which was introduced last year with Freqtric Drums (SIGGRAPH 2006 Emerging Technologies), a device that turns an audience surrounding a performer into drums so that the performer, as a drummer, can communicate with audience members as if they were a set of drums.


Freqtric Game is part of an ongoing effort to develop "touch as a interface" or "BtoB (Body-to-Body) Tactile" technologies that allow users to play games not only in a virtual space but also in a real space. This new way of playing video games is small and low-cost, so it is easy to embed in current game controllers.


Tetsuaki Baba
Kyushu University
Baba (at)


Taketoshi Ushiama
Reiji Tsuruno
Kiyoshi Tomimatsu
Kyushu University