Educators Program Activities & Events

Pioneer Mentor Program

Fifteen students from the The San Diego County Regional Occupational Program will be selected to attend SIGGRAPH 2007. Students will be paired with mentors to learn more about the conference and the history and direction of computer graphics. They will attend a full sampling of the events. Students are required to write a one- or two-page summary of their experiences at the conference.

More information about the SIGGRAPH Pioneers Student Participation project

The Sage Canyon Wheels on the Bus Exhibit

Acollection of about 500 multimedia works by elementary-school (kindergarten through sixth grade). The work is an example of collaborative teaching and integration of technology throughout the curriculum, as required by California grade-level standards. The exhibit song was produced and recorded by Mani Music and JH Productions, and performed by John Hughes. The exhibit design was created in collaboration with Freeman Decorating Company.

Guerilla Studio

A select group of local elementary-school students and senior citizens will attend a special experience at the Guerilla Studio on Tuesday, 7 August at 9:45 am. Featured fun includes both The Lenticular and Animation areas of the Guerilla Studio!


Educators throughout San Diego County have worked tirelessly to incorporate isteNETS into a comprehensive educational program to provide students with the technology literacy they need to be skilled, functioning participants in an ever-changing global society. The innovative CLICKS to LEARN! interactive program has totally revolutionized acquisition of isteNETS Technology Foundation Standards for all of the district's elementary students, instructional teaching staff, and parents.

At the CLICKS Computer Lab, K-6 students, their teachers, and their parents have access to research-based, age-appropriate, standards-linked, district-approved resources, lessons, student projects, web sites, and tutorials from any computer, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

iVIE Awards

Tuesday, 22 May
Spreckels Theatre
5 pm: Red Carpet Event
6 pm: Awards Ceremony

The award winners from this year's iVIE Festival of videos produced by students (K-12) and teachers in the San Diego public schools. Shown each day throughout at SIGGRAPH 2007, the winners are outstanding examples of videos in 10 categories: animation, math and science, language arts, humanities, social issues, broadcast journalism, public-service announcements, documentaries, visual and performing arts, and interactive media.

IVIE Contact
Becky Goel
bgoehl (at)