Developing Educational Virtual Worlds With Game Engines

Wednesday, 8 August
3 - 3:30 pm
Room 8

Game engines are often overlooked in explorations of virtual worlds technologies. From first-person shooters and head-to-head death-match play to full-blown massively multiplayer online role-playing games, videogames have a lot in common with virtual worlds. Modifying games as well as authoring engines and toolkits not only creates a new opportunity for the educator but also allows them to dip into a well-supported and well-populated world of creative energy, talent, and help. Also, because educators are not the primary audience for the gaming industry, many game companies are eager to work with educators, and some are very generous with their licensing. The educator's task is to repurpose these tools for pedagogical requirements.

This presentation outlines some of the challenges, applications, and current results in educational virtual worlds development at Case Western Reserve University.


Jared Bendis
Case Western Reserve University
Jaredjared (at)