The Animatronics Workshop

Wednesday, 8 August
2 - 3 pm
Room 8

An after-school activity in which middle schoolers create complete theme-park-style, robotic shows. Development began with simple hand puppets with individual personalities and motions. The students then machined simple motorized aluminum skeletons using kid-friendly hand tools. They also designed a stage and various props. A script was created based on suggestions from the kids, and auditions were held for the speaking roles. The actors were recorded separately, and various sound effects and background music were added. Finally, the kids programmed the motions for their characters. The result is a uniquely interdisciplinary project that teaches kids how to combine deep technical and creative skills to achieve a desired result.


Paul H. Dietz
Animatronics Workshop
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Catherine Dietz
Animatronics Workshop

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Olivia Dietz
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