Jabberstamp: Embedding Sound and Voice in Traditional Drawings

Wednesday, 8 August
11 am - 12:15 pm
Room 8

The first tool that allows children to synthesize their drawings and voices. To use Jabberstamp, children create drawings, collages, or paintings on normal paper, then press a special rubber stamp onto the page to record sounds into their drawings. When children touch stamped image with a small trumpet, they can hear the sounds retell the stories they have created.

Children four years of age and older can use Jabberstamp to embed names, narratives, characters, voices, and environmental sound effects in their original drawings. Their compositions help them communicate their stories to peers and adults, and allow them to record and situate stories in personally meaningful contexts to share with others, before they have mastered writing.


Hayes Raffle
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
hayes (at) media.mit.edu

Cati Vaucelle
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab