openPipeline: Teaching Animation Production Pipelines in the Arts Context

Thursday, 9 August
11:30 am - noon
Room 9

openPipeline is an open-source, community developed, production pipeline framework intended for use on small independent animation projects and, most effectively, student films. In addition to its contribution to animation production, it offers a way to demonstrate and implement production pipeline design and use in an animation curriculum. Asset management, revision control, collaborative notation, and scene population (common ideas in commercial production environments) are not commonly applied in the pedagogy of animation, though they are equally crucial in that context. As more academic programs and small production studios evolve the framework and use the associated implementations, a larger community will develop around openPipeline.


Rob O'Neill
Pratt Institute Digital Arts Research Lab
roneill (at)

Paris Mavroidis
Pratt Institute Digital Arts Research Lab

Meng-Han Ho
Pratt Institute