Integrating Digital Art Practice and Art History Studies

Educators Paper
Thursday, 9 August
2:30 - 3:15 pm
Room 8

Many professionals in the digital art and design industry emphasize the importance of classical art skills and knowledge as the foundation of digital artists. But this approach may not be sufficient to bridge the gap between traditional art theory and contemporary studio work practice for students who want to be information designers, computer artists, or technical directors.

This paper is based on an introductory-level lesson plan for university students. Students are asked to make drawings focused on relationships such as those between mythology and character design, abstract art and digital painting, Japanese traditional picture scroll and character storytelling, and so on. Results indicate that students begin to understand theories of visual art more easily by participating in hands-on exercises rather than simply listening to lectures.


Tomoko Hatanaka
Takushoku University
Hatanakatomoko (at)