Team-Based Pedagogy for Object-Oriented Game Design

Educators Paper
Thursday, 9 August
1:30 - 2 pm
Room 8

Computer science teachers often struggle with design programming assignments that both introduce students to object-oriented design and provide meaningful opportunities for students to develop object-oriented programming skills. As a result, teachers seek creative alternatives for educating the next generation of computer scientists.

Using the context of game design, this project identified a team-based pedagogical strategy to help students understand object-oriented design principles. Team-based pedagogy includes a well-defined rubric, application-focused team programming assignments, software development tools, and built-in incentives for individual and team learning. The project extended Microsoft's Flight Simulator X-game platform as a software development tool for team programming assignments that reinforce object-oriented game design. It also developed team-based learning tools that promote social interactions as part of the learning process.

This presentation summarizes the results and proposes a method for evaluating team-based pedagogy applicable to computer programming courses that influence positive learning outcomes for students.


Yolanda Rankin
Northwestern University
Yrankin (at)

Tom Lechner
Northwestern University

Bruce Gooch
University of Victoria