A GPU Shader Programming Workshop

Thursday, 9 August
10:30 - 11 am
Room 8

Shader programming is fast becoming an essential skill for computer graphics students. Using shaders, programmers have the flexibility to perform amazing vertex-by-vertex and pixel-by-pixel effects, and they use parallel-processor performance to apply shaders in interactive graphics applications. Because shader programming is new, experience with teaching it is scarce. As part of a university class, this project developed a hands-on program called glman, which allows students to write a shader scene-description file that automatically creates a 3D scene and an interactive user interface to adjust shader parameters. The program creates a fast and fun learning curve for students.

In this hands-on workshop, attendees have access to the glman software, documentation, class notes, and many example files. The workshop offers a shortcut to educators who want to offer similar courses at their own institutions.


Mike Bailey
Oregon State University
mjb (at) cs.oregonstate.edu

Steve Cunningham
Grinnell College