Educators Paper
Thursday, 9 August
9:30 - 10:15 am
Room 8

A mobile phone game and based on the concept of creating missions, dropping them off into particular locations for other people to find, picking them up, and moving them around. Players can create a mission on their mobile phone and attach information (a question, a challenge, or an observation) and content (such as pictures and sound files). When a mission has been created, players can drop it from their phones into their current phone cell location, where it will remain until discovered by another player. Other players use their phones to search the cell they're in, and after reviewing the list of available missions, pick up one or more to carry with them on their phones. They can then respond to the mission until they drop it off again, perhaps in a different cell. In this way, missions can move from place to place, evolving as they go.


Hans Daanen
hans.daanen (at)