Play to Learn II: Designing Educational Games for Museums

Educators Paper
Wednesday, 8 August
4:15 - 5 pm
Room 9

This sequel to the SIGGRAPH 2006 Educators Paper, Play to Learn: Exploring Educational Games in Museums, provides further discussion on how to design educational games for the museum context, based on numerous follow-up inquiries from non-museum professionals. This paper hopes to help commercial gaming developers extend their skills and expertise in order to produce learning games through which children can learn more about museum objects and exhibits. It hopes to enhance understanding of how to embed learning outcomes in the gaming design process. And it summarizes the challenges associated with creating these games: graphic design, narration, scripting, character development, and design of the learning sequences. Most importantly, this paper discusses educational game design from the perspective of a museum educator.


Herminia Wei-Hsin Din
University of Alaska Anchorage
hdin (at)